Tyrone History Museum features local boy scout history

The Tyrone History Museum is currently featuring a display of boy scout history and memorabilia from the Tyrone area.
Troop 103 Scoutmaster, Michael Yeaton, has spent many hours researching and putting together the information he has gathered from Daily Herald articles, “The Tyronian” and “The Tyrone Directory”.
From his research, Yeaton has compiled a timeline of 1911, the first year of scouting in Tyrone including the summer encampments of the early troops and a brief history of the troops that existed from 1911 to 1940.
Visitors to the museum will see photographs from the various scout troops, scout uniforms, and an array of memorabilia from those early years of scouting.
Also on display is a portrait of John “Uncle John” Lyon Porter, which used to hang in the Tyrone YMCA. Painted by J.K. Johnston in 1937, Porter organized the first boy scout troop in 1911.
Visitors will also receive a packet of information, compiled by Yeaton, about the early boy scout troops, with copies of articles that appeared in The Daily Herald, “The Tyronian” and “The Tyrone Directory”. It also includes several photographs and brief write-ups on local troops.
Yeaton welcomes anyone who has information, photographs, memorabilia or troop notes to add it to the collection.
“I feel the more we can document, the longer we will be able to trace our rich roots in scouting here in Tyrone,” said Yeaton.
Any property used will be scanned and returned to its owner.
“I have plans to finish this work on the early years sometime this year and then start into a project that would cover from 1940 to 1970’s scouting in Tyrone,” said Yeaton. “This will be a much larger project and will take longer, as it would encompass much information pertaining to Camp Anderson and the growth of the local troops.
“Any information pertaining to this era is also welcome.”
Everyone is invited to stop in the Tyrone History Museum to revisit area scouting as it was in its beginning days.
The museum is open on Sundays and Wednesdays from 1 to 4 p.m.?However, it will be closed tomorrow for Easter.