Senator Jubelirer awards grant funds to Tyrone Hospital

Yesterday afternoon, Senator Robert C. Jubelirer visited Tyrone Hospital to present hospital officials with a community revitalization grant in the amount of $25,000.
According to Tyrone Hospital CEO, Walter S. Van Dyke, “Senator Jubelirer’s generosity in providing the grant will help the hospital enhance its services and stretch its dollars this year.”
He said a portion of the funds will be used to purchase needed equipment in the hospital’s nutrition services department and a portion will be used for facility upgrades in the operating room.
Van Dyke explained the funds for the operating room will be used to upgrade the air handling system., which needs to be monitored and maintained carefully on an ongoing basis.
“This grant funds will help us with the expenses associated with this system and will free up some resources that we can use for improvements in other areas of the hospital,” Van Dyke said.
As for the nutrition services department, Van Dyke said, “Our nutrition services department addresses the nutritional needs of our patient. We will be able to enhance our service to patients with the help of new equipment by providing more options and enhancing quality.”
Van Dyke credited Peter Byich, Director of Nutrition Services at Tyrone Hospital as the individual who initiated contact with Senator Jubelirer regarding the grant funds.
“Patient’s family members, visitors, employees and physicians all rely on the snack bar for meals when they are at the hospital,” said Byich. “We will be able to enhance our offerings for these individuals as well as patients, thanks to this grant.”
Senator Jubelirer addressed those in attendance saying he was contacted several weeks ago by administrators inquiring about potential state funding.
“That was a hopeful sign that they are planning on being around for awhile,” said Jubelirer.
He continued by saying when he heard of the need, he put immediate priority on it and the necessary application has been submitted to DCED.
“This is a significant and tangible way to help out, but it is not the end of what must be done,” said Jubelirer.
He also mentioned the tremendous outpouring of support for the Fair Share Act, saying he received feedback by e-mail, letters and petitions.
Jubelirer said he has been around the area a long time and he feels this is a community that fights back.
“The hospital is confronting tough financial circumstances and it is imperative that we do al we can to keep this vital and indispensable institution operating,” said Jubelirer. “It’s clear that the Tyrone Hospital does not lack community support, you can be proud of that.”
He also praised the way the community rallies together during disasters, mentioning the closing of the paper mill.
“The paper mill shut down, but you wouldn’t stand for that,” Jubelirer said.
He also spoke highly of the Tyrone-Snyder Township Public Library, saying he had just visited there and it is one of the nicest and most functional libraries for an area the size of Tyrone.
Jubelirer ended his comments saying, “I believe with all my heart the best days are ahead of you.”
Van Dyke expressed his thanks for the support and quick action by Senator Jubelirer.
“Senator Jubelirer has been very supportive when it comes to health care and malpractice suits,” said Van Dyke. “Other elected officials have also been very supportive, so we are not forgotten.
“We know we’re not forgotten.”