Routine business discussed at B-A School Board

The Bellwood-Antis School Board held its monthly meeting Tuesday, discussing an array of topics.
Under personnel, the board approved several substitute teachers, including Ann Rahoi, art K-12; Julia Roseborough, health and phys. ed. and Tina Scarfone, Spanish. The following elementary substitutes were also approved: Tracie Walters, Beth Kauffman, Jennifer Mauk, Lillian Miller, Julia Shura, Andrea Papp, Emily Imler and Vonda Goertz.
Lori Crownover was approved as a long-term substitute for third grade, beginning approximately May 1 at a salary of $141.83 per day. Ann Chirdon was named long-term substitute for middle school industrial arts beginning March 21 at $141.83 per day.
The board accepted, with regret, the resignation of long-term substitute teacher, Jennifer Burrows; Spanish teacher and ESL Specialist Dolores VanOrman and English teacher Cindy Eicher.
Out-of-state trips were approved for eighth grade, the speech team and the indoor guard.
The eighth grade team and students will take a field trip to Washington, DC on June 5 at a cost of $1,200 to the district, while four members of the speech team, along with Joe Edmiston and Jess Turek, travel to Chicago on May 25-29 to attend the NCFL National Tournament. The total cost for this trip is $4,315.12.
The indoor guard will attend the annual championships in Wildwood, New Jersey on May 3-6 at no cost to the district.
The board appointed the firm of Burt Hill, Inc. for architectural and engineering services pertaining to additions and alterations of the Lewis M. Myers Elementary School and athletic/recreational additions at a fee of 6.75 percent of construction costs as further defined in a contract pending review by the district solicitor, Dave Andrews.
Under finance, board members approved the superintendent’s salary increase at three percent.
They also approved a bid for the school’s entrance sign. After the previous sign was damaged, the school received $17,000 from its insurance for a replacement. The district is also looking to get donations for the new sign which will cost $25,221. The proposed two-sided sign will be able to display graphics and video clips.
The Bellwood-Antis Public Library continues it’s fund raising efforts to help with the building of a children’s addition to the current structure. The library requested the district’s contribution be increased to $12,000 for the 2006-07 fiscal year. In the past three years, the district has contributed $7,150; $7,900 and $7,900. This year the board approved a contribution of $9,000.
Middle school principal Robert Fisher updated the board on students’ activities at the middle school. He was happy to announce that 41 percent of students were named to the honor roll for the third marking period. He also congratulated eighth grader, Kara Salmon, who earlier in the day was recognized by PHEAA and PMSA for a poster she created. Along with several gifts for Kara, the middle school received $1,000.
At the high school level, academic principal, Thomas Otto, said students are very busy with athletics, band and preparations for the upcoming school musical. He said the student-faculty forum was held earlier and they have been getting a lot of positive feedback, since beginning to hold the meetings each month.
As the school year winds down, Kathy Decker reports all is going well in the cafeteria as they prepare for the end of the year banquets and continue preparations for the wellness policies which will go into effect next year.
Duane Hollen, Supervisor of Support Services reports work is being done on the fields and getting the outside of the building ready as spring seems to have finally arrived.