Hundreds lose power thanks to mischief in Taylor Township

An 18-year-old Tyrone teen and two juveniles have been accused in a criminal mischief case that caused damage to an electric substation, which led to hundreds losing power last night in Fowler Hollow area.
The incident happened around 10 p.m. when Matthew John Woomer allegedly drove two juveniles to the Fowler Hollow electric substation and dropped them off. The juveniles cut through a fence and entered the substation with the intent of stealing copper wire. One of the juveniles caused a short, which ignited a regulator. Two fuses were also destroyed. Police described the nature of the incident as causing or risking a catastrophe.
As of this morning, state police estimated damage at $20,000. The short in the substation caused 380 homes in the area to lose power.
Petitions alleging delinquency were filed against the juveniles in Centre County Court. A criminal complaint was filed against Woomer at Magisterial District Judge Allen Sinclair’s office in Philipsburg.