Antis Township discusses a variety of topics at recent meeting

The Antis Township Board of Supervisors met last week to discuss a variety of topics.
Supervisor Ken Hostler updated the board on the progress of the Bellwood-Antis Public Library. Last summer, the library purchased a four-unit apartment building which is situated directly beside the library, with plans to expand the existing building and add a 3,200 square foot children’s area.
Hostler said the library is looking to open the new children’s wing June 5. The library board is continuing its fund drive and recently held a breakfast, where many area businesses were invited, with several committing to donate to the project.
In order to complete the new addition, funds in the amount of $325,000 are needed. An anonymous donor stepped forward early on in the planning process and agreed to match any funds raised, up to $100,000.
Supervisors agreed to set up a workshop with librarian Hazel Bilka to discuss the progress of project and the possibility of additional funding.
Township manager Jeffrey Ziegler addressed the board requesting a list of roads and bridges in the township to be submitted for a weight limit study.
Information provided showed there are 14 possible roads to be studied.
“Once studies are done and a weight limit is posted, is there ever a time where they must be redone,” Supervisor Robert Smith questioned.
According to township engineer Chris Dutrow that’s not necessary, but he added, “I’m not aware of any requirements like that but you might want to go back and study a road that has been majorly changed and hasn’t been studied in say, 20 years.”
Dutrow explained the cost of studying a road is based on the road itself, regardless of the length or location of the road.
Board chairman Ray Amato suggested possibly looking at roads that have been recently resurfaced or repaved and will be used by loggers.
Eventually, the board decided to set up a workshop to look at the 14 possible roads and discuss the situation further.
Along the same lines, the board looked at entering into a logging agreement for Riggles Gap Road with CW Krause and Sons Logging.
A representative from the company was on hand, saying they bonded the road last year under Walker Logging. They plan to use under two miles of the road.
Dutrow said the pre-logging inspection was done on the road. They took photographs and the road is in pretty good shape.
Hostler questioned how often the roads are checked when used by logging companies.
“We don’t go back until the logging is done,” said Dutrow, “then we go back and do a post-logging inspection.
“I recommend you have the road foreman keep an eye on it though, because it’s pretty easy to exceed $15,000 damage.”
Hostler agreed, saying, “I think we should have the road checked a minimum of every six months.”
The board voted unanimously in favor of the logging agreement.
In other business, the board opened bids for the 2006 paving contract. Two bids were received and the contract was awarded to New Enterprise, pending review, with Hostler abstaining from the vote.