Tyrone Social Center to close

The Tyrone Social Center is set to shut down after operating the past couple of years under the Tyrone Community Partnership.
“We had been talking about it, but it became official on March 1”, said the Partnership’s Scott Collinash.
He said the biggest concern was a financial one while noting the organization would have to pay $12,000 in flood insurance because the building on West 10th Street between Logan and Washington Avenue is in the flood plain.
Collinash commented that the insurance was “unheard of.” He pointed out that during the last flood in 2004, “there was no water in our building at all.”
Collinash explained the events that had been booked for the center would not go on. He was referring to dinners and other social events that have been held at the building.
“The bank (Reliance) is not letting them do that,” said Collinash.
The partnership financed the building through Reliance Bank.
The building is also used by several organizations and businesses that have until April 30 to vacate the premises. Those entities include: Open Door Visions, Weight Watchers, the WIC program, a martial arts business, the Salvation Army and the Greater Grace Fellowship. Those functions can continue at the building until April 30 or until such time as the various organizations vacate.
Collinash noted that although the center is closing, “The Community Partnership is still a functional organization.”
He added, the Partnership wants to “build the downtown area up.” He also mentioned a “main street program” as a way of doing that.
“I’m afraid of Wal-Mart affecting the downtown area,” said Collinash. He spoke of “working to make downtown a viable part of Tyrone.”
Collinash was referring to a proposed Wal-Mart that is planned to be built in Antis Township.
Collinash said, “We’ve received great support from the community” and the Partnership was “grateful” for the support.
He said those with questions about any events at the building should contact the Partnership at 684-1116. Collinash said any questions about the sale of the building should be directed to Reliance Bank.
A spokesperson for Reliance Bank, Lisa Michelone, confirmed the bank plans to sell the building, but she did not have any other details available this morning.