Tyrone Council approves resolution for CDBG grant

Tyrone Borough Council completed the latest in a series of steps to get block grant money for community development on Monday.
The council approved a resolution so the borough can submit an application for its annual allocation of Community Development Block Grant money. Tyrone’s expected allocation is $114,750. Prior to council’s action on Monday, the borough held two public hearings on the issue. Council had been updated throughout the process and approved recommendations previously presented to them.
Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway informed council in February that past allocations were reviewed and the borough recommended $65,000 be used for recreation improvements at Reservoir Park and $30,000 be used for housing rehabilitation.
The borough also recommended $5,610 will go to the Altoona-Blair County Development Corporation for economic development while $14,000 will be used for administrative purposes. $12,000 is earmarked for Altoona-based IDA and $2,000 for the borough. Council’s decision to approve the recommendations allowed borough administrators to outline the intended uses for the money at a February hearing.
The hearing allowed the borough to obtain the views and comments of the public on how the funds should be used. Citizens were also able to comment on how funds have been used in the past.
The first hearing was also used to detail the nature and type of activities permitted under the program and other regulations regarding CDBG funding. A second hearing was held on March 9 to detail the planned activities and the amount that will be earmarked for each one. Written comment was also allowed in addition to a chance for public comment at the hearings.
CDBG funds are used to undertake activities that primarily benefit low and moderate-income persons. The borough’s application for the funding needs to be submitted by April 7.