Antis Township Supervisors listen to concerns of area residents

Once again, this month’s Antis Township meeting brought talk of Wal-Mart building a super center in Pinecroft.
The meeting, earlier this month, brought area residents out to express their concerns and opinions about the proposed project.
Wal-Mart representatives were on hand during the meeting where supervisors were presented with and approved a request for Wal-Mart’s sewage planning module and land development plans.
Supervisor Chairman Ray Amato provided the public with many chances to share their concerns, thoughts and questions about the situation.
Many residents took the opportunity to speak, both against and in favor of the proposed store.
One group of residents, who live in the BelAire Estates, have been particularly involved in the progress of the Wal-Mart project as their properties sit adjacent to the proposed sight of the super center.
Sarah Miller, who has been the spokesperson for residents living in BelAire Estates, questioned Wal-Mart representatives about rumors that a stop light will be placed at the intersection of Sabbath Rest Road and old 6th Avenue.
Antis Township residents became concerned with the news and who will end up paying for the project.
“Will Wal-Mart pay for any of this,” questioned Miller.
The board said Wal-Mart will foot the bill for the entire project.
Wal-Mart engineer, Alex Lapinsky, assured residents that Wal-Mart was taking charge of the stop light and residents would not be responsible for the cost of the project.
While there were many concerns regarding the proposed store, many shared their personal opinions and views about such a business in the township.
Supervisor Charles Taylor expressed his views on the Wal-Mart situation saying, “I might be the only one in Antis Township who doesn’t care one way or the other if Wal-Mart comes. What I am concerned with is that, if they do, they follow the laws and we (the board) are consistent. In my opinion, that is what this board should be concerned with.”
“What we’re running into tonight is a lot of questions regarding the quality of life, but that is not what this board is here for,” said Supervisor Robert Smith, “This is not arbitrary, it’s not happening in a frivolous way.”
During the meeting, Amato asked for a show of hands for who was against Wal-Mart coming to the area. A large number of hands went up. Amato also asked who was in favor of the project and again, a large group of residents were in attendance to show their support for the proposed project.
“I think that this room full of people is a positive thing,” said Smith, “and I hope that once this issue is resolved you will continue to take an interest in the affairs of the community.”
In other business, at a previous township meeting, one resident expressed concern for public safety on Rt. 865 going from Bellwood towards Root’s Crossing. The question was raised as to whether a stop sign at the intersection at Bell-Tip Road was merited, along with a reduction of the speed limit in that area to 35 mph.
Township manager, Jeffrey Ziegler announced this month that PennDOT conducted a traffic study in the area and a reduction in the speed limit was warranted. Signs have already been put in place.
However, according to Ziegler, “A stop sign at the intersection is not warranted at this time.”
Also, the township purchased several neighborhood watch signs which were placed throughout the Tipton area after the board was approached by Cate Crider at a previous meeting. She said the Tipton area neighborhood watch group has been meeting with approximately 60 people attending and they requested the signs for the areas that were represented at the meetings.
“She (Cate) spoke with me personally, and the group is very appreciative for the signs,” said Smith.
The board also agreed to the release of allocated funds for the Bellwood-Antis Township Park and Recreation Authority with Amato abstaining from the vote.