Tyrone conducts routine business at borough council meeting

Tyrone Borough Council held a regular council meeting on Monday.
The council meeting covered a wide variety of issues starting with the reappointment of Councilman Bill FInk to serve on the Uniform Construction Code board of appeals. Fink has served on the board since 2004. Several municipalities created a local UCC board of appeals and each municipality designates a representative to serve on the board. Fink agreed to serve again and council approved his reappointment.
The council also received information from the Blair County Redevelopment Housing Authority that a bid received for Carol J. Wheland of 400 W. 16th Street had exceeded the $20,000 maximum limit for the borough’s housing rehabilitation program. The amount over the program limit came to $4,891.50.
Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway recommended council approve the exception to the limit based on a review of bids and lead reports. Council approved the exception.
Council also made another move regarding housing rehab efforts. Dannaway informed council that $9,728.10 was listed as a general administration line item for the borough in the 2003 Home program. She explained in her report to council if the amount were moved to a line item marked “housing rehabilitation” the funds would be available to improve housing and expedite the use of funds and close the program faster.
Before council acted, the budget called for $11,834.40 under housing rehabilitation. With the additional money being moved from general administration the rehab line item would increase to $21,562.50. Council approved the transfer of the money into the housing rehab line item.
Council also approved the use of Reservoir Park for two annual events. The Labor Day Picnic Committee requested the use of the park on Monday, Sept. 4 and the Rotary Club of Tyrone requested the use of the park for Sept. 30 for the annual Farm/City Day.
Council passed a resolution approving Mayor Jim Kilmartin as the borough’s agent to sign documents related to the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.
Borough council also approved change orders for swimming pool improvements. One change order involved repairs to the existing stainless steel gutter and liner. The contractor, Maines Engineering & Construction, Inc., completed the work after a verbal okay by Water Department head Gary Barr. The cost was listed at $2,315.
Council also approved a recommendation to move the large slide to a three feet, six-inch water depth area and the small slide to the deep end. The work will include the removal and replacement of a concrete deck. The total on the change order is $2,857. The combined total of the two change orders is $5,172.
Council also approved a property line change. The borough received a subdivision plan from Primo Lusardi for properties located at 552 and 554 Park Avenue.
Borough Code Enforcement Officer Tom Lang said in his report to council that the Tyrone Zoning Board approved variances for side yard and lot width requirements that permitted Lusardi to proceed with a subdivision to relocate the property lines.
Lang explained the subdivision plan relocates the property line between 552 and 554 Park Avenue and the property line between 554 and 556 Park Avenue.
The changes were needed to relocate property lines that dissected existing structures. The change places the property line between structures. The plans were sent to the county planning commission and the borough’s engineering firm. The planning commission completed their review with no adverse comments. The borough’s engineering firm recommended a minor addition to the plans.
Lang recommended council approval the plan contingent on the minor addition to the plans. The engineer recommended a statement about the plans be obtained and signed by the affected property owners indicating they are in favor of the re-division of their lots.