Tyrone Hospital announces new Art Gallery exhibit

The Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery is now featuring the work of Yong Sook Kim-Lambert, a highly recognized neo-expressionistic watercolor artist.
Kim-Lambert works with mixed media on paper, oil and watercolor. Her paintings combine figurative and abstract elements. The exhibit also includes four paintings by her sixteen-year-old daughter Francesca Lambert.
A native of South Korea, Kim-Lambert now resides in Tyrone and teaches art at the Grier School. She has an undergraduate degree in fine arts from Hong Ik University in Seoul, Korea. Her art work has been exhibited throughout the United States and Canada and has been included in exhibits in Japan, China and Korea.
During her career, she has received numerous awards. Her paintings are included in the permanent art collections at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Chamber of Communes- Government of Canada and the Canadian Postal Museum in Ottawa, Arts Visuals Loto-Collection in Quebec, Saul Levine’s Children Hospital in San Diego, Jeawoo Jungmill Corporation in Seoul and the House of Delegates and Senate in Maryland.
She is represented by the Gallery Parchemine and Gallery Clarence Gagon in Montreal, Canada.
Francesca Lambert is currently a junior at Tyrone Area High School. Her four works displayed were all painted last year during the Art Studio course that she took as a sophomore. Francesca says she prefers watercolor on paper as her medium, “I find the interaction between the various colors and paper to be very unpredictable and expressive. As the watercolors mix and are absorbed by the paper, they create a varied and diverse tone and texture, and this allows me to be incredibly experimental and expressive.”
Francesca continues to paint and keeps her love of art alive by taking an AP Art History course at school. Her extracurricular activities include track and field, speech team, jazz band and peer jury. She loves to read, listen to music, watch movies and study foreign languages (she is currently proficient in French, Spanish and Korean) and plans on pursuing a major in international studies and art history in college. Francesca was also recently accepted into the Rotary International Exchange Student Program – she will be studying in Chile next year as a senior.
The public is welcome to visit the hospital and enjoy the Lambert’s exhibit which is on display now through April 9.
For more information about the Tyrone Hospital Art Gallery, contact 684-1255 ext. 539.