Tyrone Hospital Rehabilitation Service notes growth

Tyrone Hospital and ProCare Health Systems developed a relationship to provide rehabilitation services at Tyrone Hospital in August, 2005. Since that time, rehabilitation services at Tyrone Hospital have experienced consistent growth.
“December 2005 was the busiest month yet,” said Tim Skarada, Managing Therapist of Rehab Services. “Outpatient Services for both physical and occupational therapy continue to grow. We continue to expand treatment to include geriatrics, orthopedic, industrial, and recently sports medicine clients. We continue to meet and develop onsite education and injury prevention programs with local industries.”
Most significantly, in the past five months, rehab services has had over a 137 percent increase (over last year in the same period) in inpatient treatments and utilization of skilled Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT).
“We have developed strong relationships with many of our medical staff to enhance inpatient services and teamwork,” said Skarada.
The rehab department also notes success with the Silver Sneakers program it conducts. Silver Sneakers is a nationally recognized fitness program designed for older adults. It focuses on improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The Silver Sneakers program is available to individuals belonging to participating Medicare health plans or Medicare supplement carriers. In Tyrone Hospital’s market area those plans include Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Geisinger Health Plan.
Since the rehab department launched the Silver Sneakers program at Tyrone Hospital about a year ago, it has grown quickly from one to two classes held on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
A walking program has been added, and Silver Sneakers participants also have the option of using exercise equipment in the rehab department. Shelley Hanczar, Occupational Therapist, conducts the classes which has many devoted participants.
“We look forward to the future growth and strengthening of our services here at Tyrone Hospital,” said Skarada. “We have planted seeds for a stronger tomorrow.”
For more information regarding the rehabilitation services offered at Tyrone Hospital or the Silver Sneakers program, call 684-6309.