Public hearing regarding CDBG funds set for Tyrone

The Borough of Tyrone will be holding a public hearing regarding Community Development Block Grant funds later this month.
The borough has been allocated to receive $114,750 in funds from the state. Tyrone Borough finance director Phyllis Garhart said the amount represents a 10 percent reduction in what the borough has recently received for its annual CDBG funding. She said the reduction was mandated by the state and noted Pennsylvania is receiving less funds from the federal government. The reduction is being passed along to qualifying communities.
Garhart said what the money will be used for has yet to be determined. She explained the first hearing on Feb. 15 is designed to further the decision-making process.
The borough will receive the views and comments of the public on how the funds should be used. Citizens may also comment on how funds have been used in the past.
After the first hearing, decisions will be made on how the borough intends to use the funds. A second hearing will be held to detail the planned activities and the amount that will be earmarked for each one.
After the second hearing, Borough Council will need to take action to approve the application that Tyrone will submit to the state.
CDBG funds are used to undertake activities that primarily benefit low and moderate-income persons.
Some of the eligible activities such as acquisition and rehabilitation could result in the displacement of households through demolition or conversion of housing units.
The borough is responsible for replacement of all low and moderate income housing units demolished or converted due to CDBG activities. The public hearing is also used to detail the types and levels of assistance available to persons displaced by CDBG-funded activities.
The hearing will also be used to detail the nature and type of activities permitted under the program and other regulations regarding CDBG funding.
The application process also allows for written public comment. Such comments should be sent to Garhart’s attention, Borough of Tyrone, 1100 Logan Ave., Tyrone, PA 16686.
The borough’s application for the funding needs to occur by April 7.
The Feb. 15 hearing is scheduled for 4 p.m. in the first floor meeting room of the municipal building.