CPHS announces a special new program

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is undertaking a special new program beginning this Valentine’s Day to make it easier for people to find the right dog.
The “Meet Your Match” adoption program is a color-coded method of evaluating canines then matching them up with prospective new owners.
“We’re very happy to have this program that was designed and implemented nationwide through the ASPCA as sponsored by the Iams Company,” said CPHS Director of Operations, Ingrid Healy.
The shelter is officially kicking off the program on Valentine’s Day.
“We think it’s very appropriate, and we hope people will come in and see how easy and useful it is,” added Healy.
The program involves evaluating each animal then issuing color-coded cards that hang on their cages. The pets are tested for friendliness, playfulness, energy level motivation and drive among other traits.
Three different colors are used to identify the specific personality types as assessed by shelter employees. Prospective adopters are asked about the type of pet they are looking for by taking a short survey and are told what color corresponds with pets that might match. Then they are sent through the kennels and animal holding areas to look for pets that have been assigned the color.
Shelter employees attended a special training session funded by Iams and facilitated by the ASPCA to initiate the program.
“We’re excited about the interest we’re already getting in this program, and we know it will work well in matching up people with the right pets. We always want to make a good ‘connection’ because we believe that adoption should be for life,” noted Healy.