Tyrone Hospital welcomes doctor to medical staff

Tyrone Hospital is pleased to welcome Pradip Swain, M.D. F.A.C.E.P. to its medical staff. Dr. Swain has joined Tyrone Hospital as an emergency room physician.
Dr. Swain is board certified in emergency medicine. He comes to Tyrone Hospital from Altoona Regional Health System, Bon Secours Hospital Campus where he served as Director and Chairman of the Emergency and Outpatient Department for 25 years.
He is distinguished by more than 30 years of experience in emergency medicine, extensive service in a variety of medical leadership positions, professional education and community service. He is also the recipient of numerous awards.
Dr. Swain is a graduate of Utkal University and the University of Glasgow, Royal College of Surgeons in Scotland, United Kingdom. He completed training in a variety of medical and surgical specialties at hospitals and universities in both the United States and United Kingdom. He has completed residencies in emergency medicine, orthopedics, cardio-thoracic surgery and general surgery.
While at Bon Secours Hospital, he held a number of leadership positions including serving as a chairman of the medical executive committee and president of the medical staff, member of the hospital’s board of directors, planning committee, and chairman of the continuing medical education, professional library, trauma, CPR, poison control and utilization review committees, medical director of the Keystone Region Poison Center and medical director of the Lifeline and TTY Systems.
He has also provided extensive service to the community through a variety of organizations. He has served the American Heart Association, Pennsylvania affiliate, as director and instructor of advanced and basic life support, member of the board of directors and member of emergency cardiac care task force and also participates in the speakers bureau. He is also a past board member of the American Red Cross, United Way and Easter Seal Society in Blair County.
In addition, Dr. Swain serves as medical director of Operation Safety Net and is a member of the Medical Advisory Committee for the Southern Alleghenies Emergency Health Services Council and member of the Pennsylvania Emergency Medical Services Council. He is also a member of the Blair County Disaster Planning committee, member of the Blair County Seat Belt Task Force and medical director of the Blair County HAZMAT Team.
Dr. Swain has also served as an educator, providing life support education to both health professionals and community members. He is a professor in the Saint Francis University Physician Assistant Science Program and an adjunct faculty member of the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.
His professional memberships include the American College of Emergency Physicians, Pennsylvania Chapter of American College of Emergency Physicians, National Association of E.M. S. Physicians, American Heart Association, American Association of Poison Control Centers, American Red Cross, and the American Medical Association, Blair County Medical Society, Pennsylvania Medical Society and Southern Allegheny Unit of the American Trauma Society.
Dr. Swain is also the recipient of numerous awards including certificates of appreciation and award for outstanding president from the Central Pennsylvania Region of the American Heart Association, “Outstanding Emergency Physician of the Year Award” from the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council, “Volunteer of the Year” award from the Central Pennsylvania Region of the American Heart Association and certificate of appreciation from National AMBUCS Club.
The Southern Alleghenies Emergency Health Services Council has extended numerous awards and recognition to Dr. Swain including certificate of recognition for exemplary contribution and outstanding services, citation for contribution to emergency medicine, for contribution to emergency health service and development of statewide emergency health service and public education, and exemplary contribution to professional health education.
He has also been recognized by St. Francis University for his efforts and dedication to the Physician Assistant Science Program.