Tyrone Hospital conducting community survey

Tyrone Hospital is conducting a survey to identify how it can better serve the community. The responses received will be used by hospital leaders to plan for the future.
Walter S. Van Dyke, CEO at Tyrone Hospital said all members of the community are invited to give their input.
“Tyrone Hospital provides services to the residents of northern Blair County as well as many communities in Clearfield, Centre and Huntingdon counties. We want to encourage the residents of all of these areas, and anyone else who is interested, to complete the survey.”
Individuals have the option of completing a printed survey or submitting the survey electronically. The survey is brief and takes just a few minutes to complete.
Those who choose to complete the survey electronically may do so by visiting the Tyrone Hospital website at and clicking on the yellow “Community Survey” icon. The electronic version of the survey is available for people to complete now.
Those who choose to complete the paper version of the survey should look for it as an insert in the Saturday, February 4 edition of The Daily Herald newspaper.
Several local businesses are also making the survey available in their workplace.
“We appreciate the support being extended by our local business community. It is helping us get the survey out to more people,” said Van Dyke.
Individuals who complete and submit a survey have the option of entering their name to be eligible for prizes that will be provided by Tyrone Hospital. To be eligible for the prizes, people will need to provide their name and phone number on the survey in the space provided.
“We are offering the prizes as a courtesy because we appreciate people taking the time to give us their input,” said Van Dyke. “People can also feel free to submit the survey anonymously, if they prefer.”
Prizes offered are: first prize $200, second prize $100 and third prize $50. Prizes will be drawn March 1. Those who win a prize will need to visit Tyrone Hospital to claim it.
The absolute deadline for all of the surveys to be completed and returned to Tyrone Hospital is February 18.