PA authorities retrieve Shaw from Oklahoma

Oklahoma authorities have dropped charges against a 25-year-old man that Tyrone Police want to talk to about the stabbing death of a six-year-old boy.
Nathan Todd Shaw was being held in an Oklahoma jail on charges stemming from a high-speed chase in Blackwell, OK on Dec. 28.
Shaw is being returned to Pennsylvania on a parole violation. Assistant Kay County, OK prosecutor Will Clark told The Daily Herald that charges against Shaw were dropped on Friday afternoon when a prisoner transport company hired by Pennsylvania’s parole and probation authorities arrived to pick him up. The charges were dropped once the transfer of Shaw was completed. Clark had previously said, depending on what happens to Shaw in Pennsylvania, prosecutors in Oklahoma could refile charges later.
Shaw has been labeled “a person of interest” in the stabbing death of six-year-old Jared Klein on Dec. 26. Klein’s mother and Shaw’s ex-girlfriend, Christina Muoio, was beaten during the attack at her home in Tyrone.
Shaw allegedly had stolen a vehicle from Muoio. Authorities say Shaw crashed that vehicle after the chase with Oklahoma police. He was taken into custody after a brief foot pursuit. Shaw was treated for injuries stemming from the crash. He was charged with eluding an officer/endangering others, reckless driving and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. He had been held on $1 million bond since his arraignment there.
Neither Shaw nor anyone else has been named as a suspect or charged in the Dec. 26 crimes in Tyrone.
Police Chief Joseph Beachem said Shaw is not expected to be questioned until he is back in Pennsylvania. Beachem said local authorities went to Oklahoma earlier this week to retrieve the vehicle Shaw was said to have been using there.
Shaw had been paroled in early December after serving less than a year in a Chester, PA prison for theft and simple assault. He violated that parole within three weeks of his release from prison.
On Friday, a spokesperson said the state could not say exactly when Shaw was being retrieved or when he would arrive back in Pennsylvania. Leeann Halfast said the state does not release such information due to security and safety issues.
The Kay County, OK Sheriff’s Office also cited security reasons in saying they could not reveal the exact time the transfer was taking place.
Another spokesperson for the state of Pennsylvania, Lauren Taylor told The Daily Herald earlier this week it is up to the private contractor as to the mode of travel used to return a prisoner and that could affect the length of time it will take for Shaw to arrive back here.
Both Taylor and Halfast did say once Shaw is back in Pennsylvania he would be housed at SCI Houtzdale.
Taylor said what happens to Shaw next in the prison system depends on whether he decides to fight the revocation process regarding his parole. She said it would also depend on any other conviction Shaw might face in Pennsylvania.
She indicated that one way or another, unless Shaw could successfully fight the parole revocation, he would serve the remainder of a three-year sentence. Shaw still had another year-and-a-half remaining on his sentence when he was paroled last month.