Antis Township adopts 2006 budget

Earlier this week, Antis Township Supervisors met and adopted 2006 budget among other business.
The meeting began with a remembrance for Dr. Robert Walker, who passed away early last month.
A bereavement Resolution was read by Township Manager Jeffrey Ziegler. Board Chairman, Ray Amato said a copy of the resolution would be displayed at the municipal building and a copy would be sent the Walker family.
Board members also recognized Ken Hostler, who was appointed by the supervisors to fill the position left by Dr. Walker.
“Ken will be a big asset to this board,” Amato said of the new supervisor.
Looking at the 2006 budget, the Township real estate tax will remain at six mills with no increase for the upcoming year. This puts the township tax at $60 for every $10,000 of assessed valuation.
The total budget for 2006 is $1,635,076 which is broken down into the general fund, state fund, equipment, fire, fire hydrant rental, reserve for sewer and water and pension fund.
The supervisors voted on Resolution no. 18-2005, approving the appropriation of amounts from the funds, equities, revenue and other financing sources available for 2006, for the specific purposes set forth.
They also adopted Resolution no. 19-2005, a tax levy resolution fixing the rate for 2006 at six mills and Resolution no. 20-2005, making supplemental appropriations of the amounts listed in the context of the Resolution to the so designated budget accounts for 2005.
The Bellwood Clubmen’s Association and Altoona Blair County Development Corporation requested funds from Antis Township. The supervisors voted to release the allocated funds in the amount of $500 for the Clubmen’s Association and $2,500 for ABCD Corporation. The money designated for the Clubmen’s Association is used each year for the children’s Christmas party.
The Board of Supervisors reorganization meeting will be held Tuesday, January 3 at 7 p.m. when Robert Smith, who was elected in November, will join the current supervisors.
The regular township meeting will be held on Thursday, January 5 at 7 p.m.
Antis Township meetings are held at the municipal building, located at 909 North Second Street, Bellwood.