Warriors Mark brings on zoning officer

The Warriors Mark Supervisors passed a zoning ordinance earlier this year and since then have been in the process of dealing with the necessities created by it.
Last night, the board took another step towards that end by entering into an agreement with Halfmoon Township to use its zoning officer to perform the duties for Warriors Mark. The vote was 2 to 0 in favor with supervisor Don Bickle absent from last night’s meeting.
Chairman L. Stewart Neff said the agreement is between the townships versus between the township and Halfmoon’s current zoning officer Greg Love.
According to the ordinance passed last night, Halfmoon Township will be compensated by Warriors Mark at the rate of $35 per hour for each hour of service provided for permit and enforcement activities. The duties will include, but are not limited to, issuing permits and doing field work. Warriors Mark will also pay Halfmoon $25 per hour for each hour of service provided for administration activities including, but not limited to, attending zoning hearing board meetings.
The agreement includes mileage reimbursement. It also covered other issues such as insurance, liability, workers compensation and bonding.
The township has also worked on created a zoning hearing board and recently hired a zoning board solicitor, Michael S. Emerick.