Tyrone store robbed again

Tyrone Borough Police are investigating a robbery at the Uni-Mart store that happened at 1:48 a.m. on Friday.
It is the second time the store located at W. 20th Street and Adams Avenue has been robbed since late October. A suspect was caught in the first robbery that happened on Oct. 24.
Chief Joseph Beachem said the suspect in the latest case is being described as a white male, 30 to 40-years-old. He was wearing sunglasses, a brown hat and had a deep voice.
He implied he had a weapon, but did not display it according to Beachem. The suspect made off with an undetermined amount of money. Beachem said there was only one clerk on duty at the time.
The Uni-Mart incident is the latest in a series of robberies that have occurred this year in Tyrone. Prior to Friday’s incident, the Choice store was hit on Oct. 28.
“We do believe it could be the same suspect as in the Choice store robbery,” said Beachem.
He said police were able to lift fingerprints from the Uni-Mart and will be using a national fingerprint identification system to try and find a match. Authorities are also using a store videotape to aid them in their investigation.
“In our opinion, this was pretty well planned out,” said Beachem.
He said his officers were on the scene within a minute and a half of receiving the call. However, when officers arrived, the suspect could not be located.
Other robberies have occurred this year at the Kwik Fill and at the Community Pharmacy. One of the two robberies at the Kwik Fill proved to be a hoax perpetrated by a man who was an employee at the time of the incident.