Tyrone ninth graders hear about four secrets of career success

On Thursday, November 10, 130 students in Richard Merryman’s ninth grade English classes made connections between Robert Lipsyte’s boxing novel The Contender and career success when they heard speaker Laura Jablonsky from Pittsburgh’s ITT Technical Institute offer them four secrets of career success.
For two weeks, Tyrone ninth graders have been reading Robert Lipsyte’s novel The Contender. In this young adult novel, a black, poverty stricken, high school drop-out decides to adopt a boxing career, convinced that this sport will offer him a path out of his family and financial problems. For Robert Lipsyte’s boxing hero Alfred Brooks, the journey from failure to fulfillment in sports is littered with frustrations.
Drawing on experience from the world of work, speaker Laura Jablonsky provided Tyrone ninth graders with a refreshing contrast to the career struggles of Alfred Brooks in the novel The Contender. Essentially, Ms. Jablonsky presented freshmen with four secrets of career success. These secrets included careful listening, time management, positive attitudes and having direction.
After a three minute introduction, this technical school speaker conducted a student listening activity, presented tips for being a careful listener and emphasized the benefits gained from being a careful listener.
Speaker Jablonsky then launched a lecture about time management. She helped students to identify and to eliminate time wasters and to then prioritize their daily tasks. In addition, she enhanced her time management discussion by advising ninth graders about how to purge themselves of poor motivation, procrastination and constant excuses.
In the third chapter of her 40 minute speech, Jablonsky mentioned that heartwarming narratives and stories could help young people create a vision of success in their chosen occupation
Finally, this motivational speaker cautioned that much of young people’s career success depend son having enough direction in life to make wise choices, graduate from high school, plan for advanced education and prepare a budget to meet future educational needs. By the close of her speech, ninth graders recognized that if they stay in school and heed the career advice offered, they will not need to repeat the struggles the boxer in the novel encountered in his career struggles.
At the conclusion of her talk covering four secrets of career success, Ms. Jablonsky entertained student questions about careers as well as about the school she represents ITT Technical School located at 100 Mall Boulevard, Suite 200 East, Monroeville, Pa. 15146. Following her career planning seminar, Ms. Jablonsky urged students or parents with questions to call her at 1-800-488-0121.