Tyrone School District celebrates Red Ribbon Week

The annual celebration of National Red Ribbon Week was held last week, with communities and students across America committing themselves to living drug-free lives.
According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, Red Ribbon Week is the most far-reaching and well-known drug prevention event in America. The National Family Partnership, which coordinates Red Ribbon activities nationally, estimates that over 80 million Americans participate in Red Ribbon events.
National Red Ribbon week, an awareness campaign observed annually the last full week in October, serves as a tribute to Special Agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, who lost his life working to stop drug traffickers in Mexico. This tragic event produced an immediate outpouring of grief, but over time has generated a sense of hope across America.
Throughout the week students, parents and teachers nationwide were engaged in a variety of activities designed to demonstrate a commitment to youth and prevention.
The focus is on developing and supporting ways to prevent youth from using illegal drugs or legal drugs illegally.
Tyrone Elementary School celebrated Red Ribbon Week October 25-28. As a part of the activities planned for the week, students were encouraged to participate in a special dress theme schedule throughout the week.
On Tuesday, students were asked to wear sweatshirts and jeans, the slogan being, “Living drug-free is no sweat”.
The slogan on Wednesday was “Shade out drugs” and students were able to wear sunglasses. Thursday was inside out day with a saying of “Don’t let drugs turn you”.
Finally, on Friday students, teachers and staff were asked to wear red, to show their commitment to living a drug-free life.
Also, throughout the week, several Tyrone Middle School students visited the elementary school, sharing presentations they had prepared.
There were stories, games and prizes for the students. One game helped students differentiate between items that are good for them and those that are bad. The middle school students discussed “Mr. Yuck” stickers, what they mean and what students should do if they see one.
They also shared stories such as “Little Red Riding Hood”, adapted to help students see the dangers of drug and alcohol use. At the end of the presentation, each elementary student received the a coloring page with the Red Ribbon Week pledge printed on it.