Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation rewards efforts

The Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation began its 13th year in the Tyrone Area School District with the opening of school this year.
With the motto of “Soar to Success”, a main focus of the Foundation is to improve student performance. Renaissance uses a “business” approach to improving academic performance: if you motivate people properly, they take great pride in the development of their skills and their improved performance.
Like the rest of us, students focus their efforts on those things for which they receive recognition and rewards. That usually means sports. Students can letter in football, basketball, or track, but when was the last time you saw someone letter in English, math or history? Renaissance motivates students to excel by rewarding improvement, effort and individual responsibility. An at risk student who stays in school or a failing student who raises a grade to passing is as important in the program as the honor student.
Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation’s programs and rewards include the Incentive Card Program. Incentive cards are awarded to students after each grading period and provide students with privileges in school, discounts in retail stores in Tyrone, or coupons for free products and services.
Another reward program is the Renaissance Stars Program. Renaissance recognizes two students from each grade who have excelled for some reason – such as an outstanding research report, a super grade on a test, extra effort or a big improvement. Students are also rewarded for outstanding attendance. At the end of the school year, students with exceptional attendance throughout the entire school year are eligible to win a grand prize.
Other programs and reward opportunities provided by Renaissance include Curriculum Development Grants to teachers who want to provide new and exciting educational materials or innovative projects for their students; Scholar in Residence programs in which speakers come into the classroom to share expertise with the students, staff and community; and School Improvement Projects which will improve the academic atmosphere, making it an inviting place to come, study and learn.
The Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation is administered by a dedicated group of volunteer parents, faculty, students and business people with the enthusiastic support of the school district administration and board. The goals of the foundation are to: 1. motivate students, faculty, staff, parents and the community to promote and achieve educational excellence; 2. to act as a fiscal agent for fundraising, gifts, endowments and grants to enhance the educational opportunities in the school district; 3. to provide a forum for exciting new educational ideas; to develop partnerships with local businesses, civic organizations and other interested groups or individuals.
The Tyrone Renaissance Education Foundation depends on the support it receives from its contributors, many of which are local businesses, teachers and individuals. Without the help of these contributors, many of these fine programs which reward students would not be available.
If anyone would like to contribute or become involved in the foundation, call the TAMS and HS main office at 684-4240.