Tyrone Council conducts routine business

Tyrone Borough Council passed two ordinances at its most recent council meeting including an update of a tree ordinance that dates to 1899.
Council passed the new tree ordinance that rescinded ordinance No. 112 and replaces it with ordinance No. 1234.
The new ordinance regulates the trimming and removal of trees along sidewalks and/or within the rights of way of the borough. The ordinance calls for property owners to abide by certain specifications in regards to trimming the limbs and branches of all trees growing on property or along the borough right-of-way, street, sidewalk, curb or alley abutting a property.
The ordinance calls for limbs, branches or foliage to have a clearance of not less than eight feet above the surface of the sidewalk or not less than 14 feet above the surface of the road or any street or alley below such limbs or branches.
The ordinance also states that no branches or foliage may extend from the trunk of any tree over any street (curb to curb), alley, or any Borough right- of-way a distance of 1/2 the width of said street, alley or right-of-way.
The ordinance calls for owners of real estate to conform to the requirements regarding trees on their property or on streets, alleys and sidewalks that abut their property.
The borough will notify owners to remove trees growing in violation of restrictions imposed by the ordinance and to trim or cut branches or limbs to the specifications required by it.
Anyone in violation of complying with a notice from the borough regarding such violations within a specified time limit would be guilty of violating the ordinance. The borough would then have the right to have the necessary work done to bring the trees into compliance. The borough would also have the right to collect the costs of the work and an additional amount of 10 percent from property owners in default.
Violators would also be subject, upon conviction of any provision of the ordinance, to a fine of not less than $100 and not more than $300 and the costs of prosecution. In default of payment, a convicted violator would face imprisonment not to exceed 30 days.
Council also approved an ordinance regarding the adding of a stop sign at the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and 11th Street. The move came after a review of a traffic study conducted by CET Engineering. Solicitor Larry Clapper prepared the ordinance after council heard about the traffic study at its Oct. 3, 2005 meeting. Council passed the proposed ordinance on Monday.
The stop sign will be northbound on Jefferson at the 11th Street intersection.
The council also heard from CPA Dan Bradley of Young, Oakes & Brown regarding its 2004 audit. After hearing Bradley’s presentation, Council accepted the audit. It also approved a contract to use Young, Oakes & Brown for its 2005, 2006 and 2007 audits.
Council also continued work on its nuisance ordinance. At its Sept. 12, 2005 meeting, council member Jennifer Bryan requested a copy of the Borough’s nuisance ordinance. The ordinance was distributed along with a copy of a nuisance ordinance from Antis Township for council to review.
The issue was brought up again at Monday’s meeting. Discussions continued on the issue and it was decided to include language in the ordinance to restrict commercial garbage haulers during the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Contractors would also be prohibited from commencing work prior to 6 a.m.
Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway said solicitor Clapper would be preparing a revised nuisance ordinance that would be brought before council at a future meeting.
In other business, Bryan was approved to fill a vacancy on the Tyrone Borough Authority. The seat had been vacant for several months after the resignation of Authority member Vance Clark.