TAES assembly promotes a bully free school

Earlier this week, students at the Tyrone Area Elementary School attended a bullying prevention assembly, held in the high school auditorium.
The assembly was held to remind students that a safe school is a bully free school.
Participating in the assembly was the Bullying Prevention Core Team, high school cheerleaders and athletes.
Several elementary staff members including teachers and principals participated in the program. The group performed several skits, showing students many different situations involving bullies. Each skit involved a bully, a victim and bystander. Students were able to see how each person reacted to different situations. Following the skits, the performers explained their role and how it made them feel. Those playing bullies said they felt powerful while victims were scared and hurt. Bystanders often had mixed feelings. Some bystanders wanted to help the victims, while others joined in with the bully.
Then, several staff members shared their own personal stories of bullying in their childhood, showing students that bullying can happen to anyone, but is always unacceptable.
Also, the high school cheerleaders shared a bully free cheer and students watched a video, “How I Learned Not to Be Bullied”.
The program stressed understanding what bullying is, how students are bullied and that bullying hurts people.
It encouraged observers of bullying, the bystanders, to help or get help for the victims of bullying when the victims are unable to help themselves.
The following day, volunteer parents visited elementary classrooms to discuss and post school rules about bullying. A banner declaring the school bully free will also be hung to encourage all students to refrain from bullying behavior.
Also, throughout the year, class meetings will be held in third through fifth grade, as well as some second grade classrooms. Guidance counselors will talk with kindergarten through second grade students about caring, getting along and how to handle bullying.
Tyrone utilizes bullying prevention efforts in conjunction with the PATHS curriculum, Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies, to promote positive social and emotional development. The purpose of the PATHS curriculum is to enhance the social competence and social understanding of children, as well as to facilitate educational processes in the classroom. The PATHS program teaches children how to change behaviors and attitudes that contribute to violence and bullying, how to express and control their emotions, and how to develop effective conflict-resolution strategies.
Tyrone’s bullying prevention program was initiated through Safe Schools, Healthy Students funds four years ago.