CPHS and public to benefit from Westsylvania program

Animal lovers and supporters of the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society are being invited to take part in a special program that assists them in helping fund the agency and rewarding them for it at the same time.
The Westsylvania Heritage Corporation’s “Explore-a-Story America” program is designed to promote heritage conservation in the region through a network of businesses, organizations and individuals. For a $35 fee, individuals can enroll in the program. In return, the new members receive a special card identifying them as “Explore-a-Story America” members (the organization calls these members “Heritage Builders”).
The cards are then presented at dozens of area restaurants, retail outlets and organizations that offer special incentives and promotions for card-holders. At the same time, by designating CPHS as a beneficiary, any purchases by the members can automatically trigger a donation directly to the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society. In addition to the incentives and promotions, card-holders also receive four issues of Westsylvania magazine, a publication filled with descriptive stories and information about the region’s rich heritage along with beautiful photos and news on local happenings. They may also access special Westsylvania website pages to gather information and join discussions concerning regional heritage conservation.
“It’s a unique program,” said CPHS Executive Director Dave Hopkins. “In our case, the donations we receive from it will go directly to help fund our effort to retain veterinary services for our in-house spay/neuter program. The best part is everyone enrolled benefits. It’s a ‘win-win’ situation.”
For more information on the program, visit the Westsylvania website at: or call 1-800-898-3636.
Westsylvania is a non-profit agency formed to help preserve heritage in the region while working to sustain future growth. It’s based in Hollidaysburg but serves all of western Pennsylvania and several surrounding states.