Bellwood-Antis High School reaches out for community involvement

Bellwood-Antis High School Academic Principal Tom Otto was on hand to address Bellwood Borough Council members during the recent meeting.
With the recent changes to the high school administration, Otto said they are looking at ways to improve different areas at the school.
“We think Bellwood-Antis is a pretty high achieving school,” Otto said, but noted there are always areas that need work. He said the school was reaching out to the community for help.
“I have some ideas,” he added, “Diane Williams, the high school principal has some ideas and the school board has ideas,” but Otto said the group could still use input from others.
“We want to involve the community,” he said.
Otto also explained some changes that were made to the school’s Citizen of the Year award. New requirements state that all seniors and juniors must now complete three hours of community service to be eligible for the award. Sophomores are required to complete two hours and freshmen must complete one hour of community service. Otto asked council to keep this in mind for possible ideas to help students fulfill this requirement.
Earlier this summer, Otto was named Academic Principal at the high school. Changes came about when the high school principal, Michael Sakash, retired after being affiliated with the district for 35 years. Diane Williams was named to the principal position and Otto took on the role of academic principal, previously known as assistant principal.
Otto is a Bellwood-Antis graduate and former basketball standout. He previously served as assistant principal at Keith Junior High School.
When these changes occurred, Superintendent Brian Toth explained the role of assistant principal has been revamped and duties will be expanded.
In a previous Daily Herald article, Toth said he felt Otto will add his talents to the district, especially in the areas of staff development and community relations.
“I see some great things on the horizon,” said Toth.
Otto is also scheduled to address the Antis Township supervisors at their upcoming meeting, this Thursday at 7 p.m. at the municipal building.