Tyrone approves swimming pool bid

Earlier this week, Tyrone Borough approved a bid for improvements to its community swimming pool at Reservoir Park.
Last month, four bids were opened on the project during a public session attended by borough officials and contractors. Base bids for the project ranged from a low of $354,846.84 to a high bid of $554,703. The project also included several alternate bids.
The low bidder for base bids was Aquatic Renovation Systems with a bid of $354,846.84. The second lowest base bid was from Maines Engineering and Construction of Tyrone for $400,700. The borough also accepted four alternate bids for the project to allow council to pick and chose how certain parts of the project are done and to add to the basic improvements. Although, Maines base bid was higher than the one from Aquatic Renovation, the company’s alternate bids were lower in each of the four instances. A summary of bid tabulations showed Maines as the low bidder among the four companies in seven of 11 possible combinations using the base bid and at least one alternate. In the other four scenarios, Aquatic Renovations had the lowest combined bid.
Senior project manager Ken Grubb of CET Engineering explained the basic project and the different choices available to the borough.
“The base bid involves rehabilitating the main pool itself,” said Grubb. “The primary objective here is to put a liner in the bottom of the pool. In addition to that (are) the removal of existing (diving boards) and the installation of a circular sliding board. (Also) there are certain mechanical rehabilitations that are happening to the pool.”
The base bid also includes the removal of the entire wading pool area. The project calls for the creation of an “entirely new facility” for the children’s pool area with a number of features. Grubb said an installation of a new pump for the wading pool is called for in the project.
He explained the alternates include allowing the borough a choice on completing a new deck around the main pool. In one scenario, contractors would remove the deck and install a new concrete one. In the other scenario, the borough would remove the concrete and then the contractor would “pour the new deck.”
The third alternate calls for a coating to be put on the deck. The fourth alternate is the addition of a new feature in the main pool, which is “a straight slide” in the shallow end.
Ultimately, the borough chose to go with the base bid and alternate one to have the contractors remove the deck and install a new concrete one. Additionally, the borough chose the option to have a straight slide at the main pool. The borough decided against having the contractor do the coating on the deck. Council was advised that borough employees could handle that part of the job.
Maines base bid combined with alternate one and four totaled $473,100. Thus, Maines was the low bidder among the four companies using the combination chosen by council.
The borough has earmarked $200,000 in its budget for the project. Also earlier this year, it reallocated CDBG money to complete the funding.
With the end of the summer pool season, the borough plans to start the project as soon as possible.
Borough engineer Ray Myers had advised the borough that the project could not be completed in its entirety in the fall. Borough manager Sharon Dannaway said the children’s pool area would be worked on first. The concrete area of the baby pool will be removed in the fall. The remaining concrete work on the baby pool, the deck and main pool will be done in the spring. The borough has been advised work on the lining needs to be done in the better weather conditions available in the spring.