Tyrone Hospital celebrates opening of new art gallery

Tyrone Hospital launched its new art gallery Wednesday in a special ceremony.
The gallery, located on the hospital’s first floor, will feature the work of artists from Tyrone and other areas in central Pennsylvania.
The hospital’s art gallery was organized by several hospital employees. Steve Stoner, President of the Tyrone Regional Arts Council served as an advisor.
The first exhibit features the photographic works of Douglas Castagnola and Katie Raffetto. Their exhibits will be on display from September 7 through October 30. Both are students of the visual arts at Penn State University and both are from Tyrone.
Over the course of the year, gallery visitors can enjoy exhibits submitted by professional as well as amateur artists. Scheduled exhibits include: Andrew Moore, well-known Blair County Hall of Fame watercolor artist; Yong Sook Kim Lambert, a highly recognized neo-expressionistic watercolor artist; award winning works submitted by art students from the Tyrone Area High School and Tyrone Area Middle School, works of Grier School students, oil and acrylic paintings by Doris Garber and pen and ink illustrations by Michael Edward Kensinger.
\”The value of art – and the power it has on the life of each individual – is very hard to evaluate,\” Stoner said, as folks gathered for the opening of the art gallery.
Stoner expressed gratitude to Theresa Yanchetz and her committee as well as the Board of Directors and Administrator Walter Van Dyke for offering the beautiful exhibit space as a showcase for local artists.
\”The value of art, and the power it has on the life of each individual, is very hard to evaluate. For that reason people may question the importance of art to a society. What is tangible, however, is the difference between a stark, empty wall and this exhibit space filled with the work of art. What also is tangible is the reaction of those who will pass through this area every day. Watch as people linger, point to a painting, talk to a stranger beside them, or gently smile, all because something unique was placed on an empty wall,\” said Stoner.
He added, \”Even the hurried traveler, or doctor, will turn his head to quickly catch a glimpse of something special.\”
Stoner noted that in the last 20 years the Arts Council has promoted and encouraged local artists through its gallery space located on Pennsylvania Avenue.
\”One thing we have learned is that there is never enough exhibit space as the number of area residents who create art, either as a profession or as a hobby, continues to grow.\”
Stoner said that area artists will enthusiastically welcome the additional gallery space created at the hospital.
“In addition, the exhibits will enhance the daily life of the dedicated men and women who work at Tyrone Hospital. And, more importantly, bolster and enrich the spirit of the patients and family members who come here for healing,\” he concluded.
Also welcoming the artists and guests was hospital administrator Walter Van Dyke and Fran Brunhuber, president of the Tyrone Area Chamber of Commerce.
Gallery committee members include: Annette Lynn, Terry Crouse, Melissa Nail, Dennis Myers, Theresa Yanchetz and Steve Stoner, advisor.
Persons enjoyed refreshments and then toured the halls of the hospital to see the displays.
A brochure outlining all of the exhibits scheduled for the 2005-2006 exhibit year is available in the literature rack located in the hospital\’s main lobby. For more information, contact Theresa Yanchetz in the hospital\’s marketing office at 684-1255 extension 539.