See You At the Pole event held

The third Tuesday of every September students all over the country and world gather at their school\’s flag pole to pray.
They pray for their school, teachers, students, administration, world issues, etc.
On Tuesday, over 125 students from Tyrone prayed and sang songs of worship just outside of the main entrance of the high school.
See You At the Pole ( began in 1990 at a school in Texas and now has grown into a worldwide student movement. For the past three years, Tyrone has seen over 100 students gather for each event.
Josh Shaffer, eleventh grader at TAHS, lead worship and organized the event with the help of many people. Along with Shaffer, Heath Walk, who is a senior, spoke and encouraged the students to live an active faith in Jesus Christ.
They challenged fellow students to not just come to pray or sing, but to actually reach out and love those around them in their classes and hallways.
These teens come from many different organizations and youth groups, but this day they all gathered together to pray and intercede for their peers and school.
They will continue to gather every Tuesday morning at 7:30 a.m. to encourage and pray for each other.