Routine business at recent Antis Township meeting

It was business as usual at the Antis Township Supervisors meeting last week.
Several residents from Pine Ridge Estates were on hand to hear whether or not the township will take over the road running through the development.
The residents are concerned because of busing problems.
Although the township has been looking into taking over duties involved with the road, it first must be up to Antis Township standards. The board said sufficient improvements have not been made and at last check, there were up to nine problems that needed to be corrected.
Improvements to the road are to be made by Jim Decker, but residents are concerned about the project and questioned if there was a deadline for the improvements.
Residents also wanted to know what would happen if Decker could not complete the work. They wanted to know if the people living along the road would then have the responsibility to maintain it.
The board said there are no deadlines, but the work must be completed for the township to take over the road, regardless of who completes it.
Solicitor Patrick Fanelli explained that if Decker could not finish improvements, the responsibility would most likely lie with residents. However, he encouraged the group to check with a lawyer.
In other business, bids were opened for the paving of a section of Brush Mountain Road.
Bids were received from three companies. The lowest was from New Enterprise Stone and Lime with a total cost of $103,244.50.
An earlier estimate from PennDOT was $97,956. The township had an agreement with W.W. Engine to pave the road leading to their facility.
Manager Jeff Ziegler suggested that the board foot the difference of $5,288.05 if W.W. Engine did not agree to the higher total.
“We would get a $100,000 road for $5,000,” said Ziegler.
The board agreed saying it would cost the township $13,000 just to patch the road.
The board also entered into an agreement with Walker Lumber. Previously an inspection was done and the paperwork was filled out for the lumber company to subcontract some of their work out to another company.
The agreement grants permission to subcontract the work, however, Walker Lumber maintains liability.
It was also agreed that no hauling will be done from 7 to 9 a.m. and 3 to 5 p.m. because school kids are on buses during those hours and there are a lot of children on the roads.
“We just ask that you be careful on the roads,” said Supervisor Ray Amato.
Supervisors also granted a front yard setback variance for a property on East 8th Street so a pavilion could be built to house the resident’s motor home. The ordinance officer recommended approving the variance.