Presbyterian bells to peal for hurricane victims

For the next two weeks, Tyrone Presbyterians will remember the victims of Hurricane Katrina and victims of the terrorist attack on September 11 with Concerts of Patriotic Carols on their tower bells each day at 11:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Church members hope that these 15 minute daily bell concerts will inspire people who walk, drive, shop or sit on porches near Tyrone Presbyterian Church to pause and to pray for those Americans affected by the twin tragedies of terror and hurricanes.
In 1947, Presbyterians installed their first carillon or tower bells from the Schulmerich Company of Sellersville, PA. In 1990, the Schulmerich Company built a second set of tower bells for Tyrone Presbyterian Church. From September 5 until September 20, these Schulmerich Bells will peal forth with patriotic carols for the victims of the terrorist attack and the hurricane disaster.
Sunday, September 11 will mark the fourth anniversary of the terrorist attack. When Tyrone citizens recall that day of terror four years ago and the more recent storm in the south, Presbyterians hope their tower bell concerts will encourage people to remember their responsibilities to their fellow citizens.
As people in churches and in charitable organizations all across Tyrone prepare to help the most recent victims of nature’s terror, may the patriotic carols from the tower bells of First Presbyterian Church lead Tyrone citizens to act on these words from Gene Scheer’s American Anthem – Let them say of me I was one who believed/ In sharing the blessings I received/ Let me say in my heart when my days are through/ America! America! I gave my best for you.