Local resident united with sister

Dave Johnson of Tyrone met for the first time recently with his sister, Holly Hare, at his adoptive parents’ home, Bob and Phyllis Johnson of Washington Avenue, Tyrone.
Dave and Holly’s biological mother was Olivia Mae Bemis of Richmond, Virginia. She was born in 1937.
Dave was born in Richmond in June 1956 and Holly was born in northern Florida in December 1957. Dave was the first of nine siblings.
Holly and Dave have been searching for their other family members since 1993. Their Aunt Betty of southern Virginia has been a great source in gathering the information but much is unknown.
Their mother Olivia was educated in ballet and conversant in several languages, including Native American Indian Tribal-Sioux. Holly went west to Indian reservations in an attempt to find her unknown siblings. She has been successful to a limited degree.
Dave and Holly both expressed great anxiety at the thought of meeting for the first time. They knew that each existed by never knew where until Dave started a search for his mother through the Richmond Catholic Charities and private agencies.
Holly was told by her Aunt Betty of Richmond that she had a brother.
Dave found his mother, Olivia, living in Sacramento, California in 1993.
Their mother, Olivia, had lived on Indian reservations for brief periods. Olivia was in very poor health when Dave found her whereabouts and started communicating by telephone; he never had the opportunity to meet with her. Olivia left California by bus enroute to Cyril, OK, where Holly was residing. Olivia arrived on October 7, 1995 and died on October 10, 1995, leaving many questions unanswered.
Neither Dave nor Holly have any memory of their mother. Both were cared for by their grandmothers Bemis and Hare. Both families are rich in early American history. Dave was adopted in September 1957 and Holly lived with her grandmother Hare until about age 18 in Delaware.
Holly is now residing in Apache, OK and attending college in theater arts. Both have taken a vow to continue the search.