Jumping for charity

Family Services Incorporated is teaming up with brave men and women in the community in their first ever “Make Me Jump Fundraiser”.
In this event, participants challenge their family, friends, relatives, colleagues and customers to raise money in their name for Family Services.
Once the jumper’s fundraising goal is met he/she will jump out of a perfectly good airplane. The jumps will take place in late September at the Blair County Airport in Martinsburg. All jumps will be tandem jumps; hooked to an experienced skydiving instructor.
“I didn’t hesitate at all,” explained participant Todd Parnell, General Manger of the Altoona Curve. “It is a unique idea and for a great cause.”
Parnell’s fundraising goal is set at $7,500.
Other jumpers include Karl Bonsell (GRYP Blair County), Jonathan Reed (Hot100 Radio) and Mahlon Fiscel (Family Services Incorporated).
Donations toward any of these jumpers can be made online at or by calling 944-3583 ext. 0.
Interested in jumping for charity yourself? Contact Gunter Volders at 944-3583 ext. 333.