Fire destroys home near Bellwood Reservoir

An Antis Township man saw his home go up in flames yesterday afternoon.
Bellwood’s Excelsior Fire Chief David McCloskey said the fire started shortly before 4 p.m. and crews remained on the scene until as late as 10:30 last night.
The home of Paul Meinhart of RR 2, Tyrone, located on Kelsey Road below the Bellwood Reservoir, caught fire after Meinhart was doing some work outside using an outdoor wood burner.
According to McCloskey, Meinhart was using a burning torch to cut a hole through a piece of metal. Apparently, he was working close to the side of the house and sparks ignited the siding on fire.
McCloskey said in addition to the Excelsior Fire Company, crews from Tyrone, Tipton, Pinecroft and Logan Township responded to the fire at the two-story home. The fire chief said a hydrant from the water treatment plant supplied fire crews with water to battle the blaze.
The fire chief said the fire marshal would not be called in to investigate the blaze since the cause of it was clear. The origin of the fire was considered as accidental.
McCloskey said Mr. Meinhart lived alone in the house and refused the services of the Red Cross. When asked what the value of the home was, McCloskey said costs would be estimated at $250,000 to replace it.
Mr. Meinhart was not injured and McCloskey said no firefighters were hurt in battling the blaze.