Borough receives funding to make Streetscape completion happen

Earlier this week, Tyrone Borough Council approved a bid to complete its Streetscape project and learned it now has enough money in place to finish it.
Last year, council rejected bids for Streetscape Phase IIA when it decided bids had come in higher than expected. Instead, council decided to combine that portion of the project with Phase IIB in an effort to possibly get better bids.
Previously, borough had been approved for $540,000 in Transportation Enhancement money. According to Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway, Mayor Patricia Stoner received word the borough had been approved for $231,897 from the area’s Metropolitan Planning Organization. The mayor also learned and council was informed the borough had qualified for $193,000 in special transportation money from Harrisburg.
Two bids were received at the bid opening in June for the project. One from Glenn O. Hawbaker for $1,031,888.75 and another from Gordon L. Delozier, Inc. for $965,504.
Council accepted the low bid from Gordon L. Delozier, Inc., contingent upon PennDOT finalizing their review. Dannaway said PennDOT has the paperwork for the project and she was told on Monday by a PennDOT official that the project is set for federal approval. She said PennDOT didn’t think there would be any problem with the approval. She said she wasn’t sure when the project would be started.
Streetscape IIA will include West 10th Street running west of Logan Avenue also East 10th Street going east of Bald Eagle Creek; portions of Pennsylvania Avenue, from East 11th to East 12th Street and Logan Avenue, north of West 10th Street. Phase II B will include Logan Avenue between West Ninth Street and West 10th Street.
The project was originally slated to be done in 2003, but was delayed while approval was sought for propriety items for the project. For aesthetic reasons, the borough wants to use the same street lights and fire hydrants as in the already completed portion of the Streetscape project. That first phase was completed in 2002.