Ancient Gastronomic order of Rattling Reptiles hold annual meeting

The Ancient Gastronomic order of Rattling Reptiles met for the annual meeting on July 30 at the covered bridge by the Evergreen Farms cottage in beautiful Spruce Creek Valley for the 63rd consecutive time to honor “King Rattler”, 83 members, 17 guests, three candidates and one speaker. A total of 101 were present for the gala affair.
Fellow rattlers began arriving at approximately 2 p.m. for fly fishing and others socializing and preparing themselves for the festive occasion. The day was sunny with temperatures in the low to mid 80s.
Order was called at 5:30 p.m. for a group picture of those being inducted into the order. This was followed by President Abraham Harpster calling all fellow rattlers and guests for a group pictures of all those attending. While the group remained together, Rattler Jack Rawlings led the pledge of Allegiance to the flag this great nation. The group was then called to dinner by President Abe Harpster, who welcomed everyone and introduced Grand Imperial Rattler, Wayne Harpster who also welcomed everyone and thanked all those responsible for helping to prepare for the event.
Rattler John Rice gave the invocation followed by a delicious meal prepared by Hoag’s Catering of State College. The meal consisted of turtle soup, trout, groundhog, corn on the cob, potato salad, baked beans and tomato onion salad, followed by ice cream and pie. The groundhog was the best anyone could remember.
It should be noted “The King Fisher” Lloyd Riss caught the trout; Aaron “Quick Hands” Harpster caught the turtles; “Dead Eye” Bill Ansley, R. Wayne Harpster and Dick Burley the groundhogs and “High Stepping” John Harpster the rattlesnakes.
Master chef James Trostle and assistant chefs Rich Burley, John Rice and Nate Oehme prepared the groundhogs and snakes.
The meeting began after the meal with the reading of the minutes by Grand Rattling Secretary Richard Burley and were approved as read. President Abe discussed the history of the organization starting in 1942 through the present, marking 63 years of consecutive meetings. Comments of thanks for the excellent meal and thanks to everyone who helped with making the day a huge success were shared.
Rattle John Harpster discussed the art of catching rattlers and the necessary certification by those assisting. A moment of silence was observed for deceased member Thomas R. Barber of Johnstown. Resolution of respect will be read next year.
Unable to attend was Fred White of Lewis Center, Ohio, who was a 50-year member this year.
The speaker for the evening was introduced by Grand Imperial Rattler R. Wayne Harpster. Rattler Wayne knew only two generals in his lifetime. Dwight D. Eisenhower and now General Donald C. Wurster, United States Air Force. The general spoke of his family’s tradition dating back to the civil war up to and including his service.
His talk focused on the difference between the United States and the respect given to all its citizens and those compared to other countries throughout the world with class systems and little respect for life or its citizens. General Wurster’s final comment to the audience was, “America will only be as strong as its people.”
His talk was extremely well presented and appreciated by all.
President Emeritus J. Winston Harpster presented his fine rendition of the prologue for members, guests and new inductees, followed by the introduction of the three new inductees: Karl E. Colyer of State College by Abraham Harpster; William Gamber of Lancaster by Lloyd Riss and Daniel J. Wolf of Hanover by John H. Gilliland.
The inductees were then turned over to the initiation chairman John Harpster and his assistant Aaron Harpster and Abe Harpster to perform their acts of bravery. The pledge for the new members was led by President Emeritus J. Winston Harpster.
All candidates passed the test successfully and in good health.
A good time was had by all and the meeting was adjourned until next year by President Abe Harpster at 8:15 p.m.