Tyrone resurfacing project scheduled to begin Monday

PennDOT has announced motorists in the Tyrone area should expect delays in the borough starting on Monday.
A long-awaited resurfacing project is set to begin that will include Washington, Pennsylvania, Adams and Columbia Avenues in Tyrone.
Work will begin with the milling of Washington Avenue from Third Street to the railroad overpass. The project will continue with the milling of Pennsylvania, Adams and then Columbia Avenues. The milling will be followed with base repairs, inlet and manhole adjustments. New pavement and pavement markings will complete the project.
The decision by PennDOT to do the work this year means an infrastructure project for Washington Avenue that the borough had considered has been put on hold. The PennDOT paving project has been planned for some time and the borough had asked PennDOT to wait on paving Washington Avenue so it could complete a project designed to replace sewer lines, waterlines, drains and manholes along a portion of the street.
The infrastructure project was estimated to cost about $1.5 million. Originally, the project was to include the section on Washington Avenue from 4th Street to 9th Street. Last year, council agreed to expand the project to start at 3rd Street. Mayor Patricia Stoner had asked council to approve the additional section after a request by the borough’s sewer superintendent who wanted to install some manholes.
Last year, the mayor wanted to seek specific grant money through Elm Street funding to move the Washington Avenue project forward. However, the borough was unable to submit needed information by a June 30, 2004 deadline. Request for proposals (for engineering and funding) were required to be submitted with the grant application. The necessary work had not been done in time for the deadline.
A July 2004 Daily Herald article said the borough eventually hired the Blair County Industrial Development Authority to have it prepare grant writing and engineering documents needed for the project.
At the time, Mayor Stoner explained she had learned there was new Elm Street grant money in the state’s 2004-05 budget that the borough could tap into for the project. She indicated the borough would also need to go after other funding including competitive grant money to complete the project. The borough had already earmarked money from its regular CDBG funding allotment for the project.
Last month, Interim Borough Manager Sharon Dannaway said that the funding had not been obtained and PennDOT said it could not put the paving project off any longer. Dannaway said the infrastructure project is now a “short-term goal (to be done) within five years.”
Dannaway said she attended a pre-construction conference in June where PennDOT went over paper work with the contractor and discussed any concerns the contractor or the borough might have about the project. She said the borough asked PennDOT not use a vibrating roller starting from 3rd Street through Washington Avenue to avoid disturbing the underlying infrastructure.
Dannaway suggested PennDOT was moving forward on the project in Tyrone because of other priorities it has scheduled in the future in the area.
In a press release earlier this week, PennDOT said traffic would be flag-person controlled on the affected roads. Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc. is the contractor for the approximately $700,000 project. PennDOT said the project should be completed in September 2005.