TYBA opens nine and 10-year old tournament

What could the area be looking for more than the TYBA nine and 10 year old All-Star Tournament opening with a confrontation between the Tyrone and Bellwood All-Stars?
That contest will kick off the Tyrone Area Youth Baseball Association’s nine and 10-year old tournament, the second of three locally sponsored tournaments that are taking place at the TYBA field over the coming weeks.
There are 14 teams of nine and 10-year olds, doubled from last year’s total of just seven teams involved, from Mount Union, Martinsburg, several Altoona teams, a Hollidaysburg team that has been sweeping through area tournaments this summer, teams from all over the area, according to TYBA board member Joe Faretta. “Stan Belinda, from Juniata Valley says, this is the best nine and 10-year old tournament, he has seen put together in year,” said Faretta.
An eight and under tournament has been going on at the field, and will be finished weather permitting on Sunday evening.
“The draw was good for the tournament with Tyrone and Bellwood slugging it out in the opening game Saturday at 5 p.m., informed Faretta. “We have games going on at five, seven and nine p.m. on Saturday, and then all day Sunday and throughout the week with the finals happening on July 29, or 30 depending on rain.”
On August 1, it will be the 11 and 12-year olds taking their turn in hosting a tournament. There are 15 teams committed, with a possibility of a 16th team coming in.
“Once again, you will see some of the best baseball in the area,” explained Faretta. There will be teams from Mount Union, Tri-County, which is Broadtop, near Saxton, where ex-Tyrone standout sports star Todd Templeton is a coach, with one of the most talented teams in the area, Martinsburg, with several tournament championships already won, Altoona Independent, Northern Cambria, Houtzdale, Everett. To quote Faretta, “they’re coming from everywhere.”
Proceeds will benefit the Tyrone Youth Baseball Association. The tournaments and the 2005 regular league season for major, minor and T-Ball leagues could never have been put into motion, if not for the unbelievable donations of funds, time and effort by the major sponsors and the individuals together working for the youth of Tyrone. Without their efforts and expenditures, there would be no Tyrone youth baseball.
Sheetz has stepped to the plate once again to sponsor the tournament awards, Albermarle and Tom Getz, the Bullpen and Harry Sickler, Tri-Star Automobiles, Reliance Bank and DelGrosso Foods have been the major sponsors. Everything is put back into the field and facilities, which are in great shape as anyone who ventures over to the field to watch some of the action will be able to see for themselves. Head of Building Maintanence Director Bill Marlett has done a great job in getting and keeping the field in very good shape. Deb Soellner does a tremendous job with the concessions. It has been quite a job to get this facility back up and running after last fall’s flooding and there have been so mnay people, who have just given so much of their time and efforts to get the field into the shape it is in.
“Teams coming from other areas given us so many compliments about our facilities,” said Faretta. “Over the past seven weeks when we have bee to a different tournament every week, none of the other fields holds up as being any better. Field-to-field, this is one of the nicest you will see in the area.”
“We are real excited about it, there will be 500 kids passing through here in the next three weeks, with the three tournaments. We are right on track with where we need to be. Tyrone teams have been doing a good job in other tournaments. I think these tournaments will be tremendous for Tyrone and the area.”