Presbyterians welcome new director of Allegheny Chorale for worship

At 10:30 a.m. morning worship Sunday, July 24, Tyrone Presbyterians will welcome as their guest soloist the newly appointed director of Allegheny Chorale, Mrs. Debra Huff Estright.
As a musical offering at worship, Estright will sing two songs about service to other people. She will open worship with the powerful Old Testament promise of Ruth to Naomi, Where You Go, I Shall Go/ Where You Walk, I’ll Walk There Too.
Later, she will perform the Twila Paris solo, How beautiful the hands that served the wine and the bread and the sons of the earth/ How beautiful the feet that walked the long, dusty roads and The Hill To the Cross/ How beautiful The Body of Christ.
Worshippers at Tyrone Presbyterian Church this Sunday also will participate in singing about service with the older hymns Take My Life and Let It Be and Take The Name of Jesus With You as well as the much newer hymn, Here I Am Lord, It Is I Lord.
Church organist Richard Merryman will accent the theme of Christian service with a piano solo based on the beloved Fannie Crosby hymn, Jesus Thou Callest, I Gladly Obey.
Presbyterian Pastor Robert Dunkelberger will utilize First Corinthians 9 as the Bible basis for his morning message entitled, Don’t Be Disqualified.
As the days of summer hasten onward hot and hectic, Tyrone Presbyterians invite all people in this community to slow down and to join them for an uplifting hour of songs about service at 10:30 a.m. this Sunday.