Christ United Methodist Church display currently at Tyrone History Museum

The Tyrone Area Historical Society is currently showcasing items from Christ United Methodist Church in Tyrone.
Located on the corner of 14th St. and Pennsylvania Avenue, the current pastor of Christ United Methodist Church is Dr. Dennis Reedy. Sara Carpenter, church historian, was very helpful in putting together the display at the museum. Sue O’Brien, administrative assistant at the church also helped put together the display and was responsible for the labeling of items.
Founded prior to 1855, there is no record of a beginning date for the church, so members acknowledge their origins from the first building, which was located at 12th and Railroad Street (now Washington Avenue).
Originally congregated by the United Brethren Faith, in 1887 the church was known as The Tyrone Church of the United Brethren in Christ. Over the years, the church went through many transitions.
In 1946 the United Brethren in Christ and Evangelical Churches combined and the Tyrone church became the First Evangelical United Brethren Church. Eventually after merging with the Methodist church in 1968, the church became Christ United Methodist Church.
One display case at the museum holds the history of church buildings, beginning with the first building, which still sits across from Derman’s Funeral Home and is the oldest building in Tyrone.
Reedy explained the original church eventually became a hospital during the civil war when the congregation ran into financial troubles and the government purchased the building.
Also on display are pictures and information regarding the second church and the current church on Pennsylvania Avenue.
There are several pictures showing church activities and a timeline of pastors shows those who have served the church throughout the years.
Another interesting aspect of the display is a collection of articles and photographs that were published in the April 6, 1914 edition of The Daily Herald, celebrating the dedication of the current church.
Items from Christ United Methodist Church in Tyrone will be on display at the Tyrone History Museum, after which another local church will be highlighted.