Bellwood Borough Council hears alley concerns

Bellwood Borough Council heard from several residents at last night’s council meeting.
John Hoffman addressed council regarding a fence along an alley off Station Street. Hoffman’s concern was the fence sits on private property and some residents are not happy with its location. Council remembered the fence being placed along the alley but explained it was not put up by the borough. They told Hoffman he would have to discuss anything further with PennDOT.
“There’s nothing we can do about that fence,” said council member, Chris Creek.
Herb Shelow also expressed his concerns about an alley near his property. He said that the alley, located between third and fourth street, had been blocked off at the end by a property owner and he wanted council to reopen the alley. He provided instances where the alley was available to residents and how it came to be closed off.
In return, council explained that the alley was never open. Previously, the owners of a property near the end of the alley had given permission for individuals to cut through the corner of his property. Eventually, that ‘shortcut’ was closed off by a current property owner.
According to council, the alley cannot be opened because it doesn’t exist past a certain point. In order to open the alley, council would have to take a portion of private property. They said that is something they are unwilling and unable to do.
Council said permission was granted by a previous landowner, but the current owner has every right to block the passage through his own yard.
In other business, council member Sue Johnson said the main pump at the Bellwood pool had to be replaced. The pool was shut down for several days, but everything is up and running again.
Johnson said Richard Bishop helped get things working again. He made sure the right part was ordered and helped install the new pump.
Council also wanted to thank DelGrosso’s, who was a big help, according to Johnson.
“They paid for the shipping,” said Johnson, “and they had it shipped straight to the park so we could get it faster.”
Johnson was excited about how well activities at the pool are going this summer. She said she has received a lot of positive comments about the Hollidaysburg YMCA, which manages the pool.