B-A teacher recognized for her use of technology as an educational tool

Jamie L. Forshey, a sixth grade teacher at Bellwood-Antis Middle School, has been selected by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as one of 533 “Keystone Technology Integrators” from across the Commonwealth for her ability to use technology as a tool to support instruction and positively impact student learning.
These 533 teachers join last year’s Keystones to make this professional network just one keystone shy of 1,000 teachers.
According to a recent press release, “Technology Integrators, a program that celebrates model practice teachers throughout Pennsylvania, bring to the classroom content, motivational and management expertise to capture students’ imaginations and harness learning in our children.”
In doing this, the teacher does not focus on the technology itself, rather they focus on student learning, using technology as a tool to support this end.
These Keystones represent over 200 school districts, non-public schools and CTC/AVTS.
Forshey has become part of a statewide network of teacher leaders who share best practices about ways to utilize technology for improving instruction and student performance and was invited to participate in a five-day summit at St. Francis University in August where Keystones will collaborate with colleagues, share ideas and practices and strategize ways to disseminate model practices across the Commonwealth.
Keystones will be immersed in learning experiences that expose them to innovative ideas for teaching with technology and emphasize their role as teacher leaders.
Forshey has been teaching in the Bellwood-Antis School District for 16 years.