Tyrone elementary students visit high school vocational areas

Elementary students from Tyrone Area School District had the opportunity to visit the different vocational areas at the high school to make them aware of the different programs currently offered.
Mr. Ben Mordan’s Agricultural Shop had the privilege of hosting the kindergarten class. While there, the students were able to see the hard work that the high school students put forth in the greenhouse, participated in a petting zoo with rabbits and goats, then afterwards made and enjoyed bagged ice cream.
The first grade class visited Mr. Vancas in the Metal Shop. In metal shop, they had the opportunity to see how a simple flat sheet of metal can be cut and formed to fabricate a picture holder. The demonstrations made it apparent how important measuring and math skills are to a machinist. Each first grader was given a souvenir of a picture holder to put their picture on.
Second graders got a “taste” of the culinary arts class. Mrs. Paula Binus, the culinary arts teacher and her assistant, Lisa Becker, gave the second graders a tour of the kitchen, and explained how restaurants are set up. Before leaving they had the opportunity to ice and decorate a cupcake.
Drafting, Health Tech and Auto Shop were fortunate to have the third grade visit. Mr. Mark Brown, the drafting instructor, had the opportunity to demonstrate how boxes are drawn on a computer, and showed the children architectural drawings and models. Before leaving the class, each student made their own “candy box” with Hershey’s kisses and hugs to give to their moms on Mother’s day. While visiting the Health Tech room with Miss Vargo the students were taught how to take someone’s temperature, and blood pressure. She discussed being healthy, and some of the things they could look forward to in a health career.
Their last stop in the rotation included a visit to the auto shop where Mr. Bill Hammel, the substitute auto shop teacher, and Mr. Tim Walk, the auto shop assistant, showed the students a race car the older students are building, an engine, and the trainers that are utilized for learning the different automotive systems.
Fourth grade welcomed Tom Getz, Human Resource Coordinator, along with a chemist from Albemarle. As part of their assembly they discussed different science-based careers that the students can consider in the future. Following the discussion, they were entertained by several science experiments. Making “gak”, a substance similar to silly putty, completed their career exploration experience.
Mr. Dan Plummer’s carpentry shop was honored to have the fifth grade visit. After a safety review, the students anxiously began work on their telephone note pad holder project. After a safety lesson, and an overview of reading and comprehending drawings, the apprentice carpenters eagerly went to work with the assistance of members of the junior and senior carpentry class, and the carpentry assistant, Bob Wilson. When the drilling and nailing was complete, they not only had a wonderful experience but a handmade project to take home.
This learning experience was provided to help the students meet the career education mandates set forth by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, the experience proved to be fruitful for not only the elementary children, but the senior high as well. While working with their younger counterparts, the high school students demonstrated their excellent communication, and technical skills.