Tyrone Hospital utilizing telemedicine technology for EEG services

Tyrone Hospital is now using telemedicine technology to obtain physician interpretations for EEG tests. EEG (electroehcephalogram) is a test that gives important information about the health and functioning of the brain. EEG tests are provided through Tyrone Hospital\’s cardiopulmonary services department. Shirley Kooken, Director of Cardiopulmonary Services, said EEG tests are typically ordered by neurologists when they are asked to consult on a patient.
\”The test helps doctors diagnose or rule out such conditions as brain tumors, stroke, epilepsy, brain injuries and other neurological problems.\”
Patients receive the EEG test at Tyrone Hospital and then the data is transmitted to neurologists based at the Altoona Regional Health System for interpretation. The data collected is electronically transmitted to Altoona using a telephone and computer or what is referred to as telemedicine technology.
Telemedicine refers to the electronic transmission of medical information and services from one site to another using telecommunication technology, that can include voice, data, video, or any combination.
Kooken said the neurologists that interpret the EEG tests are on staff at Tyrone Hospital.
\”These are the same neurologists who were traveling to Tyrone to read the EEG tests. Now, they are able to do the interpretations remotely. This streamlines the process for the physician and shortens the time frame for receiving the patient\’s test results.\”