Recent Tyrone drug cases waived to Blair County Court

Several recent Tyrone-related drug cases came before Magisterial District Judge Fred Miller earlier this week.
Three suspects chose to waive their preliminary hearings, and their cases were sent to the Blair County Court of Common Pleas, according to Judge Miller. Two other suspects asked to have their cases continued to July 5 while they sought private counsel, although court-appointed public defenders were available to assist them.
Aaron T. Rutherford, 34, RD 4, Tyrone, waived his right to a preliminary hearing stemming from drug-related charges after an arrest last week. He was charged with one count of criminal conspiracy, heroin; one count of possession of a controlled substance and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia.
Rutherford asked for a bail modification hearing and Judge Miller modified bail for Rutherford from $15,000 straight to $20,000, 10 percent. Rutherford was remanded back to Blair County Prison.
Two other suspects who were arrested on June 15 as a result of efforts from the Blair County Drug Task Force in Snyder Township also appeared before Judge Miller on Tuesday.
Those suspects, 22-year-old Angelo Everett and 23-year-old Darwin Herring, both of Pittsburgh, asked for and were granted a continuance of their preliminary hearings.
Miller said the suspects were looking into the possibility of retaining private counsel, although public defenders were available to assist them with their defense. Miller said the cases were continued until July 5.
In two other unrelated drug cases, James Riley waived his right to a preliminary hearing on two separate cases. He was remanded to Blair County Prison and is also facing possible extradition to Colorado on other charges.
Finally, Lindsey Wills waived her right to a preliminary hearing on possession and possession with intent to deliver drug charges. She had requested a bail modification and it was denied. Wills was also remanded to Blair County Prison.