Major renovations complete at Bellwood Hometown Market

Area shoppers have surely noticed the recent changes made at Bellwood Hometown Market.
The store has undergone many changes over the years. Having served the community for over a quarter of a century, the store once operated as IGA, Riverside and Garden Fresh Express.
In August 2003 the grocery store was purchased by brothers, Joe, Steve and Tom McAneny.
The McAneny Brothers started out as wholesalers who supplied the grocery store. When they saw the store was in jeopardy of closing, the three decided to do something about it.
“The reason McAneny Brothers decided to help the store was because of the employees,” said Joe McAneny.
The grocery store has been a part of the Bellwood community for over 25 years and some of the employees have worked there almost as long. Many of the employees have been a part of the store for over 20 years.
McAneny said it’s because of the employees, their hard work and their dedication to the store, that the decision was made to keep the store open and give it a brand new look.
While renovations to the store were slow starting, once a lease for the building was acquired, the changes began.
In October 2004 renovations got under way and the massive change was evident last month when things were finally coming together.
All new cases were added. New refrigeration was installed, along with a new floor and ceiling. The offices were totally remodeled and a state-of-the-art register system was installed.
McAneny explained the new registers have a 17-inch display screen which makes viewing easier for the customers.
“That’s something you don’t even see at many of the larger grocery chains,” said McAneny.
“But, there’s still a lot to do,” he added.
Eventually the back room will be remodeled.
The store currently employs 26 individuals, most from the surrounding communities. Store managers are Joe Clark and Chris McAneny.
“We really are a hometown market,” said McAneny.
“After getting involved in the community and seeing the people that worked here, we knew we had to keep the store open.”
Bellwood Hometown Market is open Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
The store features produce, meats and a deli. There is also a bakery.
For more photos of the store see the Bellwood Hometown Market advertisement in today’s edition of The Daily Herald.