Local resident shares career experiences in hydraulics

Tyrone resident Jim Anders has had a long and interesting career with industrial hydraulics, which has afforded him the opportunity to travel the United States and the world.
Upon graduating from Lehigh University in 1951, he accepted employment with National Lead Company in South Amboy, New Jersey and then transferred to Bethlehem Steel Company’s Bethlehem Plant.
In February 1971, he was appointed to the newly-created position of Assistant Lubrication Engineer of the Bethlehem plant, with full-time responsibilities in hydraulics. In 1974, he was appointed to the newly-created position of hydraulics engineer of the Bethlehem plant.
Anders had numerous responsibilities including formulating and teaching hydraulics training courses, hydraulics system design and redesign and hydraulics specifications writing. He became the chairman of the hydraulics specifications committee in 1981 and was the prime contributor to the complete revision of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation’s hydraulics specifications.
He taught over 1,800 plant personnel courses in basic, intermediate and advanced hydraulics in the fields of mobile equipment, machine tools, specific machines and industrial hydraulics.
It was during this period that Anders discovered the need for literature which was specifically aimed toward hydraulics troubleshooting, and he wrote the book Industrial Hydraulics Troubleshooting in 1981. The manuscript was accepted by McGraw-Hill Book Company and went on the market in 1983.
As hydraulics engineer at the Bethlehem Plant of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation, Anders was involved in the conversion of a forging press to 10,000 tons capacity, which involved touring 20 different forging presses in the United States, England, France and Germany.
He has attended factory-run schools on seals, cylinders, packing, electrohydraulic services, “O” rings, machine tools and various other hydraulic components. He has also given speeches to several organizations.
Anders has been a member of: American Society of Lubrication Engineers, Fluid Power Society, American Iron and Steel Engineers and American Society of Mechanical Engineers. In 1974, he started the Lehigh Valley chapter of the Fluid Power Society.
Anders retired from the Bethlehem Steel Corporation in August of 1983. He started his own firm, Hydraulics Associates at that time. He was interim professor for Northampton County Area Community College. He was named Hydraulics Troubleshooting Instructor by the National Fluid Power Society in November 1983.
He moved to Lincoln Avenue, Tyrone with his wife, Jessie, in 1987.
Since his retirement, Anders has generated over 5,000 copyrighted hydraulic training slides for training programs. He has also written articles for Practical Lubrication and Maintenance Magazine, Predictive/Preventive Maintenance and Equipment Management Magazine.
One of the most rewarding projects Anders worked on was when he was a hydraulics consultant on the 2,900 foot move of the Cape Hatteras light house, and he wrote an illustrated article on the move for the International Associate of Structural Movers.
Anders has taught seminars in 27 colleges and universities around the United States. He has also done consulting work for numerous businesses and organizations. He was one of 28 delegates for the Western Hemisphere’s Citizen Ambassador Program’s Fluid Power China Program, which consisted of a three-week trip to mainland China for hydraulic knowledge interchange.
He completed a nine-tape video training program, which went on the market in 1991. In addition, Anders has written five texts on hydraulics and is currently working on a sixth. All of his books and training tapes are available for purchase.