Dogs Deserve Better founder to chain herself to doghouse for 33 hours

Three years ago, a determined Tammy Sneath Grimes started an organization known as Dogs Deserve Better.
It is a nonprofit organization dedicated to freeing the chained dog, and bringing our ‘best friend’ into the home and family.
Grimes founded the organization to educate the public about the practice of chaining and penning dogs for their entire life, as well as, to help dogs in need.
“This organization was started because of a dog named Worthless. I watched him everyday for about six years and finally decided that I had to do something about it,” Grimes said as she explained why she started Dogs Deserve Better.
Worthless was a dog that was kept chained outside, near Grimes home. Unable to continue passing by, Grimes knew she had to do something to help chained and penned dogs.
Last July, Grimes, with the help of many friends, organized a “Chain Off” in State College. For 33 hours, at three different locations, Grimes was chained to a doghouse, while friends kept her company and provided information to curious onlookers through an information booth.
The event was also used to introduce Chloe and Max, two dogs in need of permanent homes, to the public. Dogs Deserve Better volunteers collected adoption applications from interested individuals. Chloe was able to go home with a new family that very day.
By the end of the two day weekend last year, DDB had raised $878. Grimes said that she was pleased with the outcome. Although at times she felt overwhelmed and humiliated, according to the diary she kept online, Grimes was still excited about the success of the event.
This year, Grimes announced she will once again chain herself to a doghouse in State College, PA for 33 hours to raise awareness for the plight of chained and penned dogs.
The Chain Off will be held July 2 and 3 from 8 a.m. Saturday until 5 p.m. Sunday.
The first eight hours of Grimes chaining will take place in the N. Atherton Highway Pizza parking lot in honor of Snowball who lived a chained existence there for 15 years. From 5 p.m. Saturday until 8 a.m. Sunday morning, Grimes will be chained at Webster’s bookstore on Allen Street. For the final nine hours, she will be located at Gates at PSU on College and Allen Street.
“We hope to highlight the plight of Snowball and others like him. No one should be allowed to force a dog to live as Snowball did. America is the land of the free, and yet we continue to imprison man\’s best friend,” said Grimes.
The Chain Off is not the only event that DDB organizes throughout the year, “Have a Heart for Chained Dogs” is another annual event that is held in February. Beginning last fall, DDB also organized a “Bring them in from the Cold” campaign and a Christmas dog sponsor program.
For anyone interested in helping the Dogs Deserve Better cause, Grimes suggests donating time or money, hanging informative posters, passing out brochures, or just showing support by wearing a DDB T-shirt or displaying a sticker in a car window.
Individuals wishing to learn more about the organization may log onto the DDB web site at Donations can also be made through the Dogs Deserve Better web site or by calling 1-877-636-1408.