Community asked to donate aluminum cans to benefit Emergency Memorial Park project

Local boy scout, Corey Miller, of Troop 92 in Bellwood recently presented plans for his Eagle Scout Project at the Excelsior Fire Hall and a Bellwood Borough Council meeting.
Scouts are required to complete a service project that benefits the community in order to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. Miller’s plans for an Emergency Service Memorial Park which will sit across from Excelsior Fire Hall will qualify him for the honored position.
Through a power point presentation, Miller shared his plans for the park with members of the fire company and the community and later to Bellwood Borough Council members.
The plans include stamped cement, benches, a gazebo and a memorial in honor of the men and women who serve the community through the fire and police departments and emergency services. Miller also has several landscaping ideas for the use of plants and shrubs.
According to Miller’s plans, the triangular memorial will stand on a four foot circle made of granite or marble. Three, 15 to 20 foot flag poles will be placed in the center of the memorial to hold flags representing each of the three service departments being honored. Each side of the memorial will also represent either Fire, Police or Emergency Services.
Miller put a lot of work into his plans and studied the cost of creating such a park, allotting specified amounts of money for the cement, benches, gazebo, lights, landscaping, flags, the monument and miscellaneous expenses. He estimated the total cost to be $7,650.
“The hardest part of the entire project is the fundraising,” said Miller, “I have calculated the cost to be about $8,000. It may be more depending on the type of stone I use for the monument.”
To be able to pay for these costs, Miller presented several ideas for fundraisers. He suggested that the fire department, Ambulance Association and Bellwood Borough may wish to make donations toward the new park. Possibly the benches, which Miller would like to be made of recycled plastic, could be sponsored by area businesses.
A spaghetti dinner fundraiser was already approved and the fire department agreed to hold the dinner at the fire hall if the Boy Scouts would sell the tickets.
Miller’s troop, Troop 92, will also help raise funds. The boys have started recycling and Miller pointed out this is another area where the community could get involved.
Bellwood Borough has agreed to help by placing a container outside of the Borough Maintenance Building in order to collect aluminum cans.
One council member suggested the police department could hold a fundraiser to benefit Miller’s park project and Councilman Wayne Snare offered to look into some possible grants for the park.
The council also offered the service of borough equipment and suggested a possible community aluminum collection day.
The Borough’s operations manager, Randy Showalter, said he puts the aluminum collection bin outside the borough building each day for community members and also offered his help in using borough equipment saying, “I could go down on a Saturday.”
The fire department passed along $1,000 which was donated to help get the project started.
Several organizations have already helped with the project. The fire company donated the site for the park and GACTC classes helped in several areas, including drafting and getting the proper dimensions. Of course Miller’s troop is going to help with a lot of the labor when the project gets to that stage. He said the troop plans to help dig and lay stone, landscape and raise funds for the project.
In a very organized fashion, Miller laid out a time table for the expected completion of each step in the process, from when he hoped to pour the cement to the final dedication. Miller indicated he hoped to be able to hold the dedication ceremony on Memorial Day 2007.
Miller explained his reasoning behind the park, saying it will honor members of the service departments, improve the vacant lot, provide and emergency service and community event area and serve as conversational seating for residents.
A representative from the fire department said of Miller’s project, “We’ll be behind you 100 percent.”