CPHS looking for more members

The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society is looking to bolster the ranks of its membership rolls. CPHS is currently undertaking an ongoing campaign to attract members that will run through the summer.
“We have about 1,000 members and we’d like to have 7,000!” said CPHS Executive Director Dave Hopkins. “We know there are many, many animal lovers and supporters in our area but for one reason or another, they’re not all members. We want to change that. We need their help. We’ve just sent out thousands of applications thanks to our friends at Val-Pak and are already receiving some response.”
Hopkins says some dramatic cost increases to the shelter over the past few years make it considerably more difficult to break even financially.
“Even though we’re a non-profit and house about 100 animals on average, we get no break from the utility companies, and we all know how prices have skyrocketed in the past couple of years. We’ve also had to absorb significant increases in other areas such as, medicines, maintenance and some very dramatic jumps in employee insurance rates,” Hopkins added.
CPHS has added some “incentive benefits” for its members. All current and new members will receive discounts on CPHS merchandise (such as a standing 10 percent of all non-sale items at the thrift shop located on E. Walton Ave. in Altoona) and ticket prices to CPHS events (such as the “ChiliFest,” Fabulous Flashbacks dance and more).
Members who take advantage of the new discount program will be able to pay for the cost of their membership by just using their card a few times, according to Hopkins.
A one-year CPHS membership costs $20 for an individual, $30 for a family and $15 for senior citizens. A junior membership (under 18) is only $10.
New members will immediately be added to membership rolls and start receiving the regular newsletter.
CPHS prime objectives are to find homes for thousands of lost or unwanted animals every year, help control the pet population and put an end to needless cruelty through education and enforcement of current laws. The agency gets no regular funding from any state, federal or local agency.
To get more information or a membership application, visit the shelter at 1837 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd. in Altoona (old Route 220, Greenwood section) or go online at or phone 942-5402.